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Cards from Africa
Sell Our Cards

Sell our cards and earn money for yourself or your favorite cause.

Are you a retailer? Please check out our wholesale information.

Do you need to raise money for a project or organization? Can you sell 100 cards in your community? If you answered yes to either question, we'd love to build a win-win relationship with you. We can help you or your cause and you can create more jobs in Rwanda!

Here are some ideas for partnering with us:

Organize a fundraiser

Sell Cards from Africa the next time you need to organize a fundraiser for your project or organization! Not only will you have high-quality product to raise money with, but can also be proud telling the story behind our cards. There are two types of fundraisers we offer, online and in-person:

  • Online. For online fundraisers, we provide you a special link to our website and all you do is get as many people as possible to buy cards through your special link. Churches, schools, and registered charities (in the USA, these are 501(c)3 organizations), will earn 15 percent on all sales they generate. All other groups will earn 10 percent.
  • In-Person. You can also place a larger order for cards and sell them directly. Groups who choose this option typically keep 45-55 percent of the sales price as funds for their organization. If there are young people who will be doing the selling, this is also an opportunity for them to learn about Rwanda and global poverty issues in the process.

We encourage groups to pursue both options. Once people have seen some cards and purchased them from you in-person, remind them to re-order online. If you are interested in holding a fundraiser with our cards, please contact us.

Host a home party

You may have attended home parties where people share purses, personal care items, or household items. How about hosting a home party supports a wonderful cause? Your guests can learn about global poverty, the history of Rwanda, and the story behind Cards from Africa. And they can walk away with a purchase that makes a difference.

Here are some ideas from other home party hosts:

  • Download and send out this invitation
  • Watch a movie about the Rwandan genocide
    • Hotel Rwanda
    • Sometimes in April
    • Shooting Dogs
  • Play some games (created by our friends)
    • African Word Scramble
    • Geography Challenge
  • Share ways to get involved with Cards from Africa
  • Offer cards for sale

To order cards and supplies for a home party, please contact us.

Earn money as a web affiliate

Do you have your own website? Do you have a blog? Do you have a profile page on Facebook or MySpace? If so, you can earn money by linking to us.

Join our Affiliate Program and earn 10 percent on every order placed through our website via a special link that we provide you. It's fun to tell our story. The more you tell our story, the more money you can earn, and the more jobs you create in Rwanda!

Furthermore, if you get others to join our Affiliate Program, you will earn 3 percent commission on all orders made through THEIR links (while they earn 10 percent). If they, in turn, recruit Affiliates, you will earn 2 percent on those sales. In summary, you earn 10 percent on your sales, 3 percent on your Affiliates' sales, and 2 percent on their Affiliates' sales.

If you are interested in becoming an affiliate, please read our Affillate Program Terms and Conditions.





We have a wide range of cards for all occasions. Partner with us to create critical jobs in Rwanda.

We have a wide range of cards for all occasions. Partner with us to create critical jobs in Rwanda.